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I love to be inspired.  Literally, almost every day something inspires me.  I can drive down any back road in Bucks County and find inspiration.  One day I was inspired by a restaurant.  On my way to the Devon Horse Show a few years back, I stopped for lunch at The White Dog Café in Wayne, PA.  As soon as I walked in, I felt such excitement. I was surrounded by art.  Dog art.  Wall to wall dog art.  Beautiful oils and acrylics of all shapes and sizes in all types of frames.  I can’t tell you what I had for lunch.  My mind was working overtime.  I just thought, I need this.  I need to be surrounded by something like this.  So when I got home, I gathered all my dog art.  Some are paintings, some are prints and some are even photographs.  They were scattered throughout the house.  I laid everything out on the floor and saw my collection in a whole different light.  One thing I don’t have is wall space.  I love my big oversized windows but crave walls.  So I had to settle for a narrow wall between my kitchen and tavern room.  I picked out my favorites and just went to work hanging them.  I do everything by eye.  I have no patience for perfection.  I was so proud of the results.  I have an art gallery.  You can have one too.  Don’t be afraid of holes in your wall.  Life is too short not to be surrounded by the things you love.

The White Dog Café in Wayne, PA

Here is my little art gallery.

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  1. What a wonderful artistic eye. Your groupings are effortless yet perfect. I so enjoy looking at your photography of your treasures and the way you display them. Thank you for sharing your blog.

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