Equestrian Fox Hunt Decor

My equestrian fox hunt collection started with a pair snooty stuffed foxes our realtor left on the hearth of our fireplace when we purchased our first home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania as a welcome gift.  Throughout the years I collected every fox figurine I could find.  Fast forward 25 years later and my collection has been pared down considerably.  My tastes have changed in what I search for, so at this point everything I purchase has to be extra special, unique or just be love at first sight.  I know I made many people happy selling my foxes on Ebay and Etsy in the past, so I don’t regret letting anything go.  Equestrian décor is not that easy to find, and I treasure what I do have.  Once foxes became scarce I turned to foxhound décor which has been a challenge.  But this is what makes the hunt so enjoyable and satisfying.  The foxhounds led me to “rescue” all kind of hounds, and dog décor has my heart right now.  One little tip when it comes to getting too much of a collection but you aren’t ready to let go is to find a different way to incorporate your collections into your home.  I did this in a very simple way.  I boxed up many of my fox and equestrian items and now have a fox hunt Christmas tree.  I get to see all of my foxes once a year and it is so fun to unpack each one when decorating the tree.  The saying, if you can’t use it, don’t buy it doesn’t work for me very well!  If I can envision a creative use for it and it is a great price, I buy it.


Collecting hunting hats has been great fun, and I continually move them around throughout my home to make different vignettes.  The plaid hat is one of my favorite pieces and is a prototype from Ralph Lauren.  While setting up this photo shoot, one of my pups ate the top portion of the black hat.  No worries.  Pup is fine.  I substituted a MacKenzie Child’s knob and think it will stay!



This giant trophy cup to the left was purchased from The Devon Horse Show.  I use this piece for a small table top tree at Christmas.  I can’t believe Bo was ever this small.

Below are some of my collected trophy cups .  I try to find equestrian or dog show trophies to keep with my hunt theme however they are getting harder and harder to find.  My sister and I went to the famous Round Top Antique Show in Texas a few years back and I scored the tall Maine State Fair Bridle trophy below.  It was a good day!






















Fox hunt trophy cups are even harder to find.  I am so fortunate to have found this sweet little one.  I have it paired with vintage books and a MacKenzie Childs fluted ceramic dish.


3 Replies to “Equestrian Fox Hunt Decor”

  1. Anne,

    Love your blog!
    I not only find your stories endearing, your creativity is inspiring.
    After looking at your photos, which are art work in themselves,
    I found myself wanted go through all my things and try to recreate your visionary beauty. You have a way of telling a story in your photography.
    What a gift you have, thanks for sharing it!

    I look forward to your next installment.
    Please hurry, can’t wait to go on another journey with you…thanks for bringing
    me along!!!

  2. Anne, I live in Austin, so I shop Round Top Antiques venues each spring and fall. How fun that you and your sister made the trip to treasure hunt. It is a grand show! Love your collection of trophies!

    1. Thank you Sarah! We absolutely loved Round Top and hope to visit again. So glad you visited my blog, made my day! Happy New Year!

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