Meet Tude

He has attitude, hence the nickname.  That face!  I am not a big fan of shopping at antique malls with items locked behind glass.  Too much “littles” overload.  Unless I am hunting for a specific piece, I generally rush right by these cases.  Not long ago I went on a hunting trip to the Brandywine Valley in Pennsylvania.  Love the history of this area and the antiques fit right in with my décor.  I walked by one of the glass cases and something caught my eye.  I zoomed in on this little guy.  I just think his expression says it all.  He is only about 2 inches high but is heavy.  Across his back is written Mount Washington.   I googled Mount Washington in New Hampshire and it looks like a great place to visit one day.  I can imagine years ago Tude being a souvenir at one of the road side gift shops.  Souvineers like this are a thing of the past.

Some of my best childhood memories are of the trips I took with mom and dad.  Mom was a stay at home mom and dad was a Syracuse Police Officer.  Times were tight but my mom knew how to stretch a dollar and really plan out wonderful trips for our family of 5.  Getting a souvenir was the highlight of my trip.  I always purchased a little glass animal.  Hagen-Renaker still makes them!  The company is 68 years old and is American made.   How great is that?!  My love for animals started early on.

You might see Tude show up in future posts.  He always has an opinion.

I would love to hear about your favorite souvenirs of the past!


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  1. Souvenirs for me, even as a child, were something that I could use in my room or home. I remember buying wooden candlesticks on a trip to the Appalachian Mountains when I was a teen. I still have and use those candlesticks decades later. Souvenirs from trips to France and England were always antique market finds – silver napkin rings, tartan ware, antique linens, French pottery, and so on.

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