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MacKenzie Childs in Aurora, NY holds a special place in my heart. Close to where I grew up and in the beautiful Finger Lakes area of Central New York. My sister and friend started collecting years before me, but it just wasn’t my style. I was strictly old English and equestrian décor. However, when my friend came to visit me and gifted me with my first piece, the Courtly Check tea kettle, I loved how it looked in my kitchen and became more interested in the company. Next visit “home” I toured the farmhouse, and I was hooked. You wouldn’t think blending all those whimsical pieces with my English décor would be possible, but somehow it works for me.

Each year MacKenzie Child’s holds their annual barn sale.  They allow people to camp out the evening before.  It is so festive and is like a tail-gating atmosphere for women and men to gather who love to decorate their homes with the whimsical patterns and styles.  For the past 5 years my daughter and I have camped out, and we have shared such wonderful memories.   My pieces are not strictly for the kitchen anymore, as you will see a sprinkling of them though out the house. So many pictures to share. I will be updating new MacKenzie Child’s pictures throughout the blog so I hope you stop back frequently.  I would love to hear from other collectors out there!

No dogs allowed on the furniture (except in our home).
Teapots aren’t just for tea!



The MacKenzie Childs barn sale would not be worth attending without this lovely lady.  She is the expert camper, can set up a tent faster than anyone I know and she keeps me focused when it is go time and the crush begins upon opening day.  Focus Mom, you can do this she always says.  I don’t know what I love more, her beautiful smile or her long arms (for carrying all my bags) haha.  She even looks good when wearing a lampshade.

Below are some photos of MacKenzie Childs throughout my home.  I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Love seeing this! Yes, we share the same interest on many levels! Love that last photo of the vase collection. I have all of these except the two Wittaca. On the look for one in Peanuts.

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