Bucks County Blessings – Christmas Tour 2017

I am an early bird when it comes to decorating for Christmas.  Usually the day after Halloween is when it begins.  I love the anticipation of Christmas more than Christmas Day.  The days leading up are filled with music and shops are brimming with new items to browse.  When Christmas Day is here I feel like it is all over, and everyone is back to business as usual.  I have done themed trees for years starting when the kids were small.  I have pared down to the point where I have my favorites but add a little twist to them each year.  This year I have four main trees, the first one being the traditional tree in the family room.  Red, green and gold ornaments.  It is just a classic feel and the colors of Christmas.  I had to really think what I could do to make it different this year and the idea came to me to blend in my MacKenzie Child’s collection with the traditional décor.  Usually the MacKenzie Child’s theme tree is in the kitchen which complements the black and white counters and cupboards.  The kitchen is getting a little tight so I just put up a small tree with white lights to keep it clean and neat.  I was so happy with the end result of mixing both themes.  The MacKenzie Child’s ornaments really pop now.  What I love about their ornaments is that their signature courtly check always has a little red or green added when it comes to the ornaments.  Very Christmassy!

I am picky when it comes to buying a Santa Claus.  So many Santa’s made now have the creepiest faces and it drives me crazy haha.  I found this Santa below at the garden center and thought he had a kind face, so he made the cut.  I loved that his suit was plain and classic.  Here he is holding a MacKenzie Child’s topiary.  The gold ornament in the background is actually from Wegman’s Grocery Store.  I grew up on Wegman’s and love that they have a Christmas line that complements MacKenzie Childs.







A view from above.  All is calm and all is bright.











I looked up the word vintage and according to the Urban Dictionary it is described as “too old to be considered modern, but not old enough to be considered antique”.  The word also refers to wine.  No wonder I like vintage so much!  But when I think vintage, I think of my childhood memories or items I remember my mom collecting.  The little Noel Girls and Candy Cane Boys below are a fond memory of my childhood.











The last ornament from childhood.  Here is the one remaining red glass ball from the past.  I can remember my sister and I decorating our family tree with these.  They were so large and fragile and I remember handling them so carefully.  Each year we lost one after another.  I keep this one protected like it is the family jewel.  I am amazed by the average size of it.  It reminds me how small I must have been to think this was giant in size.  It is good to remember being that young and in awe of things.









Merry Christmas from Country View Drive!  I hope you will stop back to visit my next post on the Primitive Tree coming soon!

Peace & Joy

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  1. Happy to discover your blog. I think we are kindred spirits when it comes to Christmas and MacKenzie-Childs. Our tree is filled with special ornaments collected through the years, many of which are MacKenzie-Childs. We have some of the same ornaments. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I look forward to following your lovely blog.

  2. What a wonderful home tour full of so many treasures. Thank you so much for sharing this post at the Home For Christmas blogger link party this year. I am a little late visiting the posts but I am still in a Christmas mood so it’s nice to finally get caught up and see so many beautiful links. I actually just posted my final Christmas home tour yesterday. I used a lot of plaid, which I think you would like.
    I hope you have a very Happy New Year!

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