Primitive Christmas in Bucks County, PA 2017

I still have a love of all things primitive.  It reminds me of the good times in the past antiquing and shopping with my mom and sister.  They both taught me how to decorate with cupboards and wooden bowls and crockery.  Primitive is a warm and comfortable way to decorate.  There are many versions of prim decorating, from country primitive to early American to really authentic primitive collections and many styles in between.  I have paired down over the years but my favorite pieces are tucked in here and there.  Having the new tavern room this year is a perfect room to display my treasures and it is wonderful to see the Christmas pieces I have had stored away for the last few years.  Living in Bucks County, PA is really a perfect setting for primitive décor.  The stone houses and farms and back country roads are endless here and so inspiring to me.  Here are a few shots of Primitive Christmas in my home:




When I purchased this stepback cupboard I new it would be perfect for the holidays.  Throwing the doors wide open and cramming the shelves with treasures has been so fun.  What’s better than seeing a room filled with snowmen, Santas and gingerbread men?!







If I could choose one ornament from my tree that means a lot to me, it would be this simple little Santa below.  It’s just a little wooden egg painted with a Santa face and his trimmings.  It’s not so much the ornament but the story behind it that makes me happy.  About 30 years ago I was living in New Hampshire, still the era of crafting being popular, and picture this…people had Christmas Craft Shows in their homes.  A group of women and I would plan out our Friday, Saturday and Sundays during the holiday and map out the homes we wanted to visit.  Homes were open to everyone!  Can you imagine now a days opening your homes to total strangers?  It just doesn’t exist anymore.  But what a fun time it was to see how people decorated and see the art they created to sell.  The homes at that time were all country and primitive.  Appetizers and candles were pulled out.  Husbands cleared rooms of everyday furniture so their wives could create a “store-like” feeling.   The night I purchased this little guy was a winter evening right out of the movies.  The crafter was a woman named Martha Hopping and her home was so lovely.  She signed her work.  I often wonder where she is and if she has these good memories too of days gone by.

Santa from Eldreth Pottery, Lancaster PA
Have you not heard of Santa riding a chicken before?

A wonderful company one town over in Chalfont, PA is home to Byers’ Choice.  They are a family run business since 1982 and make the famous Caroler dolls.  The Byers have a huge presence in our town and are big into giving back to the community as well as many many charities.  Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a few Carolers throughout my house.


If you ever have a chance to visit Bucks County, PA make sure to stop at the The Fonthill Castle, Moravian Pottery and Mercer Museum, home to Henry Mercer (1856-1930), artifact collector extraordinaire. When my kids were small, we would visit the museum and see Santa in his log cabin.  He would hand out these wonderful tin ornaments, each year being different.  I am lucky to have many of these.  Sadly, they no longer do this tradition, but it just reminds you that you should cherish the good times before they are no more.


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  1. The more I read on your blog the more connected I feel to you, new friend. Your blog is beautifully presented. I’m so happy to have found Home and Hounds. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Sarah, I can’t thank you enough for everything you have written. THIS is why I decided to do my blog. My sister and I are as far away as you can get, Pennsylvania to Seattle Washington and only the two of us have the same interest in décor and collecting. There is not one person near me or around me that has any interest in what I like so I was hoping to connect with others who have a passion for sharing their home and finds. I do find it hard to work full time and blog and wonder how all those bloggers do this 24/7! Thank you again for your kind words! After work I plan on visiting your BlogSpot and can’t wait to get to know you! Happy New Year!

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