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Collecting dog décor is satisfying.  That is the only way I can describe how it feels to me.  I don’t purposely go searching for dogs when antiquing because there is always an abundance out there of porcelain and china dog figurines, so I am bound to find one that needs rescuing.  By rescuing I mean buying dogs that have flaws such as one with chips and paint loss and sometimes ones that are missing an ear or two!  I try to draw the line at legless dogs but you never know.  If the face speaks to me, chances are it is coming home. Once the well ran dry with fox figurine collecting, I turned to the foxhound for inspiration.  Foxhounds led to just about all kinds of dog décor.  I hope you enjoy some of the pictures below of my collections as well as seeing my own family of dogs that take a little more work than dusting!  They are my everything.   I’ll start with our youngest…

Isabeau (Bo)

Probably the most photogenic dog I have ever had.  She is the goofball of the bunch.  She is the baby.  Not only does she have big ears but she has a big heart and loves us all.  It was posted that she was looking for her forever home and she found it with us.  She is unique and I found out she is more of a Canadian lab than American.  She looks more like a foxhound to me rather than a lab.  I hope you enjoy some of her pictures that capture her silliness as well as her elegance.



Regal Bo.







Foxhound Bo?






The Rescue Pups



“Sterns Up”

One of my most favorite paintings I purchased from artist Genevieve Snyder at the Devon Horse Show last year.

Look for more of Genevieve’s artwork throughout my blog.

Dog bookends are a favorite of mine to decorate with.  I love the patina of the dogs below.  Thrift store find!

Another favorite artist of mine is Deb Cadenas from Middleburg, VA.  I love to visit her and the Christmas Hunt Parade the first Saturday in December.  It is a wonderful experience to see the hunters and hounds parade through the town.  I will be doing a post specifically about Middleburg shortly, so I hope you return to visit.  Deb’s fox paintings are throughout my home, and I was so happy she tried something new like the hound bust below.  Her talent knows no bounds.



One of my thrilling finds was the hounds medal to the left.  I went to a local barn sale and asked if they have any equestrian décor.  I was directed to a bag of old horse ribbons.  $2 for the entire bag.  When I got to the car I noticed the bag was pretty heavy for ribbons.  In the bottom were 3 bronze medals from the Bryn Mawr, PA hounds show dated 1927 along with dog medals from Devon.  I was thinking of that commercial by Target of the woman running out of the store yelling to her husband “start the car! start the car!”.  The find was unreal for me.


Thanks for stopping by, Bo-Peep out!



2 Replies to “The Hounds – Collecting Dogs”

  1. Bo, would steal anyone’s heart! Fun to see you hound collection and good job on the special find. I’m with you on the treasure hunt. It’s my favorite way to spend time. Have to ask about the photo of Bo with the fox. Is that for real? Explain please. 😋

    1. I found the random photo of the lab and fox on line with no history or background to it! It is not Bo but sure looks like her. I have been telling my family she looks like a foxhound to me and no one believes me or sees that in her. I see it so clearly. I think it is a sign that she looks like a foxhound and I was meant to be her mom!

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