The Hounds – Dog Collecting Part II

The Uneventful Life of Riley

She is the middle child.  Kindergarten flunky.  Neighbors nicknamed her the devil dog.  Two personal trainers later, Riley still cannot walk on a leash.  This dog loves to ride and so she will ride.  I will only go so far with my pups when it comes to training behavior.  I take full accountability.  Riley never liked to be held as a pup which was heartbreaking to me.  I expected her to be just like her half sister Bailey who I will talk about next.  She was the complete opposite.   She was a nipper too.  I tried so hard to get her to conform to what I wanted in a pup and what I have always managed to do with my other dogs.  I felt guilty for not walking her until one trainer told me that leash walking is not mandatory for a dog’s well being as long as they get healthy play, that is all they need.  We have a big yard and Riley plays hard so I felt better about that.

Now here we are almost four years later and I have one of the sweetest dogs on the planet who loves to be held, loves to snuggle and loves to be by your side.  I think just letting her be was what she needed.  So while the other dogs get a walk, she will wait her turn until the harness is on and the car door opens.  She has to ride shotgun, never in the back.  I crank the music and put the window down and we just drive through the countryside.  Ears are flapping and a look of pure joy is on her face.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am always on the hunt for dog trophies.  Below is a sweet one from Jersey.

  My attempt at watercolor of Riley

The little dog head shown here on the MacKenzie Child’s disc is a fox hunt whistle from the early 1800’s. It measures only about an inch long. Can you picture a fox hunter dressed to the nines in his red jacket and tall field boots taking this dainty whistle out to use? Haha, I can’t! Maybe it was just for the ladies of the hunt.

Below is a dog show ribbon from 1923.  It was a little tattered but framing it did the trick!

Sometimes I whisper in her ear, “I love you Riley Bear”.

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