Equestrian Hunt Christmas 2017

This is my favorite tree to decorate.  When we purchased our home almost 20 years ago, one room was called “the library” due to a complete wall of bookshelves and stone fireplace.  It is the smallest room in the house but has become the most used. Here is where I house most of my equestrian fox hunt treasures.  There are a few books in there too!

I am a big fan of artificial trees because I like to decorate early.  The first year we moved into this house, I had a bad experience with a real tree and vowed never to have one again.  To make a long story short, think overwatering, red tree skirt bleeding onto pristine new white carpet just two months after moving into a new home.  Cried like a baby that year.  I am not sure what made me want a real tree this year but I did and once my mind is made up, I had to make it happen.   I am a quick shopper so it didn’t take me long to pick out the tree.  I had very little room to work with.  I ended up with a fraser fir and it has been interesting.  I learned to protect my floor this year.  I water once in the morning while tea is brewing and once at night when the wine is breathing.  The branches of the fir are not as strong as an artificial branch.  I have some heavy ornaments that just drooped and couldn’t make the cut this year.  Still, I thought the smell was worth the effort.  I have been a Martha Stewart fan from way way back and thought, Martha would be proud.  That is until I just saw on her social media that she only likes her artificial trees!  What?!  I want my old Martha back.  There is room for both.  I hope you enjoy the shots below from the hunt tree.  My next post will be all about Christmas in Middleburg, VA.  I hope you stop back to visit.




I posted earlier on buying leather horses in a yard sale this summer with a plan to use them on the fox hunt tree this year.  Mr. Fox is hitching a ride.







My sister and brother-in-law have three wonderful horses.  Special, Abner and Rev.  I have a special place in my heart for Big Ab and the horse to the right reminds me of him.  He is a gentle giant.



Trophy cups look great with bottle brush trees.  The plaid napkin rings below were a great inexpensive find at an antique shop a few weeks back.  I love plaid and kept seeing small pieces of what is called Tartanware in some of the shops.  It is pricey so I did a little googling and found out that Tartanware is truly a fun piece of Scottish history.  Clans had all types of items made for them and they were imprinted with the name of clan.  I have seen thimbal cases, needle cases, snuff boxes and napkin rings like below.  My lucky pieces are from Clan Fraser, Clan Stuart and Prince Charlie.  It’s a small collection but I love having it!







I already mentioned I am not a big Santa collector but when this guy came out a few years back I was thrilled.  How perfect is he?  Nice face too, haha.








In loving memory of Petey

















4 Replies to “Equestrian Hunt Christmas 2017”

  1. Love your sense of style! We went by way of artificial trees some years ago. I have to say that I like decorating an artificial tree because it is so forgiving, not to mention easy with lights already on it. I have fresh greens in vases here and there, so the fragrance is in the air.
    I live in TX and fox hunting isn’t a part of the culture here. All the same, I love the equestrian look. I’ve a few fox themed Christmas pieces, and once did our mantel in that motif for Christmas. Tartan ware is a favorite collectable here.

  2. Hi Anne!

    Merry Christmas and a healthy 2018!
    I sat down the other night, read through your Christmas blog…enjoying every thought and picture. I responded right away, however my comments didn’t go through (computers!).
    I needed to let you know how festive your home looks. You definitely have a natural talent in creating warmth and beauty in your surroundings… a true gift!
    I especially like the variety you display – something for everyone.
    I appreciate the incredible amount of work that went into decorating for the holiday season. Best of luck taking everything down and packing up for storage until next year…
    Whew, I’m exhausted thinking about you doing it.
    Knowing you, you’ll make it seem effortless. :)😊
    Thank you for sharing your stories and your beautiful art work…it’s truly a treat!!

    1. Hi my dearest friend! I can’t thank you enough for reading and commenting on my posts. I just love your style (personal & home) and any compliments from you are high praise! Until our next journey…

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