The Glam Tree – Christmas Home Tour 2017

Tree #3 was nicknamed The Glam Tree by my daughter.  She was very disappointed I didn’t put this tree up last year so this year I needed to make up for my faux pax.  I am not a very glitzy person and feel so much more comfortable with traditional and old classic style but there is something very fun and festive when silver & gold come into play.  In simple words, it is just pretty.  My mom would have loved this tree the most of all my trees I think.  Glamour should never go out of style.  This tree deserves it’s rotating base so all the ornaments have a chance to shine.  Enjoy!

Burlap has made a huge comeback over the last few years. I love adding it to the silver & gold. Even burlap can be glamorous if used properly haha.




I love the glittery white churches on the tree.  Our Christmas tradition is going to mass on Christmas Eve then coming home to appetizers and cocktails and opening gifts.  Growing up, Christmas did not arrive until Christmas morning, but my husband’s family always opened on Christmas Eve.  I fought this for many years, especially when the kids were young, but now it is really my favorite evening of the holidays.  Sleeping in on Christmas morning is pretty awesome too!









A girl cannot have enough bottle brush trees.  It is impossible to not show up to work without glitter on my face during this season.  My co-workers know when the glam tree has gone up.








I love this particular bottle brush tree to the right



Vintage Ivory Hunt Ribbon from the year I was born




Gone are the days of my kids posing for the annual Christmas card but I still love to go back and look at how they grew every year.  For a while I had all the framed pictures out on display at the holiday but they really did take up so much space, so  now I minimize the shots and hang them in small silver frames on the tree so I can always have them with me.





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  1. Another pretty tree! Thanks for sharing. I’m enjoying popping from post to post on this Christmas Eve as we spend a quiet evening at home, just the two of us. It’s a nice change for Christmas Eve.

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