The Decorated Desk

I found a sweet primitive desk in a yard sale, and even though I didn’t have a place for it, I knew somehow it would find its way to bring good vibes into my home.  I love the simple rustic patina of a worn desk.  It was stored in my basement until I had a creative urge to make a spot for it in my family room where I could sit and write.  I have had desks before in the house but not one specifically used for the purpose of writing for pleasure.  I can decorate the top and surround myself with little things that make me happy and inspired. Writing just feels better this way.  Having a view of the outside is icing on the cake.

I can swap the desktop treasures out when I feel the need to see my other things.  It is like redecorating a room but on a tiny scale and just as rewarding.  Below are some of my current desktop treasures.

Besides my laptop, I keep my journal near me.  Being new to internet sharing/blogging I learned a few lessons this past month.  One was to backup your thoughts and writing that mean so much to you because the internet is not the keeper of your words in that forever place I became too comfortable with.  All is good now and restored but there were a few hours of panic and sadness that my thoughts were just gone, never to be seen again and perhaps never to be written in the same way that was meant to be at the time of writing.

I pulled out my journal and was comforted by knowing that it was there.  Journaling is one of the best forms of therapy.  When my mom passed, I started writing to her and started each page “Dear Mom” like I did when I wrote to her from wherever I lived at the time.  I was able to write what I would have told her over the phone.  In the beginning I had written every few days but when I pulled my journal out last night, I re-read some of my “letters” and saw that it would be months in between my entries which showed I was healing.   I wrote of happy times as well as getting through struggles with the house and work and kids and every day life.  I wrote of the kids accomplishments with their school and college acceptances.  This is where I poured my heart out to mom when we lost a dog, but it was also a place where I talked of the newest pup that was healing our hearts once again.





I think I got my journaling bug from my dad.  He wrote down everything when my parents went on a trip.  He was an awesome father.  I loved how he wrote about the cost per day of meals and gas and getting back to the motel room for the ball game.  Simple times, loads of fun.






The best time to hunt for treasures and browse antique stores is when I have absolutely nothing to look for.  My mind is not filled up with the urge to find that dog figurine or equestrian print.  Instead I find myself looking at other goods that I normally would pass buy.  Sometimes special things are right in front of you and you don’t even know it.  This little calendar for example.  It was just small and cute only about 4 inches in total and caught my eye.  From the 40s and not a wrinkle on it and $12.  When I got home, I started flipping through the calendar and found little notes in scribbly pencil.  How sweet I thought of the act of leaving written notes back and forth to each other.

In a Perfect World, Every Dog Would Have a Home, and Every Home Would Have a Dog

In loving memory of my sweet nephew Tuck. 




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  1. Awe, thank you for your remembrance of my little Tuck. How I loved him. I also love the way you put your thoughts and words in writing. Sharing your decorated desk makes me smile.

  2. The prose is thoughtful, wistful, a bit meloncholy and beautiful. The photography and its subjects are a delight to the eye. Such an enjoyable blog.

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