Dog Collecting – Part IV – Enter Emma




She was what I call a semi-rescue.  Long story short, a couple of young men had no business breeding their huskies for cash.  I cringe thinking of what her life would have been like if we walked away that day.

She had my heart with those violet eyes.






We did not know the first thing about the Siberian Husky and soon found ourselves in way over our heads.  Two major surgeries in her first year, one to remove a large jagged rock and the second to remove one pink leather ballet slipper.  Below is the slipper that survived.

I read everything I could about the breed and was determined not to be one of the statistics of people who gave up on their dog.  The Siberian Husky Rescue was over capacity and still is to this day.


Stubborn, loyal, mind of their own, yes that was Emma.  She ran away more times than I could count.  It was a game and a big adventure to her having her humans chase her.  We were only able to capture her once she tired of the game.



Always plotting.






I think I will always love collecting dogs and dog art.  Dogs will always be part of my  life.  At first I only collected the hunting hounds to go with equestrian décor I love so much but slowly evolved into a search for whatever dog called to me.  The Staffordshire-like dogs below go nicely with the English decor around my home.  I am partial to the white.

Sweet Profile
Little Emma Riding Hood


“Getting Your Feet Wet”




My latest purchase from Deb Cadenas, Middleburg, VA artist – Getting Your Feet Wet.  I am becoming a fan of the color blue and this painting has a beautiful navy blue background.  When I am out and about, I always look for something in “Emma Blue”, a color I named for her sweet eyes.










Bucks County, PA winters were Emma’s favorite time of the year.  She could lay in the snow for hours.  I always wondered what she was thinking of.  She never let you forget her daily walk, no matter what the weather was like.






Her violet eyes faded with age to a light blue.  She stopped running away and just enjoyed the peace and quiet of daily life.  She lived to the ripe old age of 15.  She taught me so much about patience, persistence, never giving up, love, loyalty and compassion.  A part of my heart is gone.  When I drive on the roads near my home, I still see her running with that excited look of being free and wild and so happy.

She ate our socks and loved to eat rocks.  How we miss her so.














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    1. Thank you Maria! Hope all is well on your end! Getting back to writing and feels good. Happy Summer!

  1. What a beautiful tribute to Emma. She had such presence with those eyes and intent look. How special when a dog steals our hearts for eternity. I know you miss Emma!

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