My Well Collected Home

Hello!  Sometimes just a picture says it all.  I hope you enjoy some of my favorite things from My Collected Home.  It took many different samples to get the perfect red paint for my front door (above).  Now what to do with all that left over red paint?!  I wish I had a barn to paint!




I so love cupboards, all kinds.  The cupboard to the left was a thrift store find and was probably the top part of an old kitchen hutch.  If I only had room to mount it on a wall it would have been wonderful, but it found a place on top of my dry sink.  The woods were almost a perfect match and I was able to create a whole new piece.

I love how the sun makes this piece feel even warmer.





One of my favorite times of the day, dusk is when things look best around my home.  This little drum table in my living room is fun to change out however I have kept these pieces together for quite a while.  I love the peonies in a trophy vase, the small Ralph Lauren lamp warms up the view from the outside looking in and a favorite book about Jackie Onassis Kennedy and her love of horses stays open year round.  When I visited Middleburg, VA for the first time, I learned so much about her equestrian life during her summers at her country home in Middleburg.  She was a true classic.



Do you have a library in your home?  This room was called the library when our home was for sale because of the wall of bookshelves.  It is the smallest room in our home and has a fireplace.  It is where we spend most of our time.  If you don’t have a library you can easily create one in a small area of your home or even in a nook.

I admit I have more décor in here than books!  I can’t think of a better place to read being surrounded by things you love.




A small collection of canes and polo mallets in my front entry way.  Hopefully it will be a while before I will need the use of a cane but when I do, I will be stylin!









The oil painting (left) was handed down to my mother from my Great Aunt Nettie.  It was always a favorite of mine growing up, and I am so grateful it now graces my home.  The artist is unknown, and all I know is that it was given the name “Red” due to the beautiful head of hair on the model.  On the table is my mom riding her horse, another treasure of mine.






This cupboard was purchased in Chaddsford, PA.  I love the size, so much storage.  The blue paint on the inside is the original paint.  Such a find.  It houses many of my favorite foxes, dogs, and equestrian pieces without making the room feel cluttered.






This little oil above also has no history, just very loved by my mother and passed down to me.  I don’t dare have the red velvet restored.  I like it just the way it is.


There are times, especially after browsing magazines or looking at Pinterest, that I feel that I should be living a trendier life with pared down “things”, light grey painted open airy rooms and sleek upscale decor.  It is hard when almost everyone around you is following the trend of the time.  But then I sit down in one of my favorite chairs and just look around and really look at how I live.  I am very happy to say I love My Well Collected Home.

I hope you visit my next blog coming soon called Roby Ave.  I hope to tour my childhood home in East Syracuse, NY and would love to share the experience.  Our little family home is pictured above, matted with our family tartan plaid from the Fogarty Clan.
















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    1. Thank you Janice! I am so glad you stopped by. I just checked out your blog and we have the same taste!

  1. Anne, a well collected home is one filled with love and one’s story. Like you, I don’t follow the trend of the pared down look. We have been married 45 years, and our home reflects who were are, our interests, places we’ve traveled, etc. The nicest complement once came from my goddaughter’s future mother-in-law, an accomplished decorator in California. Our first meeting for her Bridesmaid Luncheon, and she said she was enchanted with the collected look of our home, that it reflected years of love and life. It may not be for everyone, but it is our style.

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