Fall in Love with Bucks County Pennsylvania

Talk about being in the right place at the right time.  I was walking Cuttalossa Road, one of the most photographed roads in Pennsylvania, and I stopped to have a chat with some sheep.  The leaves were falling and I was able to grab this shot.  Below are some of my favorite things to do in Bucks County.  I just love it here and feel like I am in the right place at the right time of my life.  So much to be grateful for.  Enjoy!

Red, White & Blue

The Beauty of the Barn

Finding inspiration to write is very easy living in Bucks County, PA.  I am so fortunate to live in this beautiful place.  The above barns are just down the road from my home and driving by the other day, I thought how appropriate to see the red, white and blue and feel proud to call this my home.  I had to stop and take pictures.  I am surrounded by properties that take your breath away.  From the largest stone manor homes to the quaintest surreal cottages, you will find them here.

After many many years of exploring and driving the backroads of Bucks County, I still find undiscovered roads.  If I am feeling down, I go for a ride.  I always come back in a better mindset.  It is hard not to!

Doylestown is the town I live in.  It is the county seat for Bucks.  The boro is made up of long time residents and new generations of young families that really take care of their town.  Restaurants and shops are plenty but there is also an abundance of local artists.  Living here gives them the perfect medium to paint and photograph.  I thought I was pretty good with the camera, but when I see what people can do now with photography, it is definitely an art.  Everyone supports each other in the art community.  Below is one of my favorite photos by local artist, Kevin Crawford of Kevin Crawford Imagery of the inside of Fonthill Castle, home of the American archeologist and tile maker, Henry Chapman Mercer.  One of the many great places to visit in Doylestown!

Pumpkin Fest!

For over 25 years, each October the Fonthill hosts The Pumpkin Festival held at the Moravian Tileworks.  The setting is just perfect for a cool autumn night.  Carvers have a little over six hours to carve a 200 pound pumpkin. Best in show is judged by the end of the evening.  Below is a wonderful picture taken by photograph Mike Maney that captures the glowing archways at night.




By day, the museum is Bailey’s playground.  She is in her happy place.


Sweet Annie






Over 20 years ago I stumbled upon a beautiful farm within walking distance from my home.  I did a double take thinking it was a cow in the field however it turned out to be a buffalo! I can’t remember the whole story but the owners rescued this lovely animal and had her flown in to Bucks County.  Her name was Annie.  I was called Annie growing up by friends and family.  The owners of the farm also host an art gallery in the barn a few times a year for local artists.  The other day I stopped in to see their current show and was thrilled to see Annie is still there enjoying her life in such a beautiful setting.  Sounds very corny but this Annie and that Annie had a really nice talk about how we are both getting old.  It was good to see her.  I read that buffalo can live to be 25.  If only dogs could live that long.

Rich in History

Washington Crossing is a wonderful town to visit.  Each Christmas Eve there is a reenactment of Washington crossing the Delaware.  I remember taking the kids when they were young and it was a great memory.  We have enjoyed many Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners at the Washington Crossing Inn.  My dining room/tavern room would not be complete without the portrait below of our first president.  My kids were never fond of this picture of George so when they were teenagers I hung the picture randomly in their rooms throughout the year just for laughs.

I love the history of tavern life.  Dining in the historical taverns around our area inspired me to turn our formal dining room into a tavern room.  It’s warm and comfortable now and very easy simple living.  The hutch stores a collection of pewterware and mugs so a table can be set in seconds.  It has been fun to collect pieces that fit this room now.  A mix between primitive and country.  The little cupboard below was a tag sale find for $25.  It holds my collection of English marmalade crocks.

Below is an inside picture of the Half Moon Inn which was originally a tavern built in 1733 and one of the oldest buildings in Newtown, PA.  While I was attending the Market Square Day in Newtown, the building was open for tours along with actors dressed in revoluntionary clothing.  There was an actor dressed up playing a recorder in the dining room, and I asked him to scootch over a bit so I could take this picture haha.  He was happy to oblige!

I continue to tag sale search for books on Pennsylvania especially Bucks County related.  Below is a wonderful find of Pennsylvania Beautiful by Wallace Nutting and Of Men and Women by Pearl S. Buck, Nobel prize author who lived just outside of Doylestown.

I am still a fan of buying magazines.  I live in fear that magazines will not exist in the future.  I especially look forward to receiving The Bucks County Magazine each quarter.  It is beautifully done and has a wealth of information about our towns and a calendar of all happenings in and around Bucks.  I have stacks of them and go back and read them over and over again.  Below you will see an old issue of a magazine produced years ago called Bucks County Life.  I was able to purchase a few of these at a yard sale.  Times have certainly changed over the last 50 years.  Check out the real estate listing below.  

1966 – 20 acre estate for $49,500.  Can you imagine?  I love how the ad was written for “the executive with a big family”.  Excellent neighbors at a distance, haha.

I wish there was an address listed.  I am sure this is a multi-million dollar piece of property today.

Polo Anyone?

Tinicum Park Polo along the Delaware River makes for a great day.  Always a charity event going on.  Tailgating has never been more fun.  With my love of equestrian, fox and dog décor, this was right up my ally.

Below is a small collection of my canes and polo mallets in a vintage holder.







What better way to get back to basics this fall than to pick your own apples in such a scenic setting then come home to bake beautiful pies!










I seem to always have bowls of apples all around the house during this season.  For me, apples taste so much better in the Fall.


Below are a few of my favorite pics I took of the area.






Thanks for visiting!  Off to find more inspiration and treasures in Bucks County!

I hope to spot a fox!


Bucks County Blessings



Coming soon – Mad & Plaid, a story about the dog who rescued me and my love for plaid.
























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